How to face the challenges of the Future of Work?

"Let's Talk HR!" is our podcast series about HR and future of work.

In this series of six podcasts, Europe's top HR influencers discuss the mega trends of 2021 that are changing the world of HR.

Listen in as Rémi Malenfant or Michael Jetten talk with one of our guests about the following topics: 

  • People before Profit: How can businesses adopt a broader purpose? 
  • Life-Work Synergy: Work and the workplace will be more centered around employees’ lives.
  • The re-birth of HR: How can HR begin reinventing itself to lead these efforts?

So, how can we adapt? All over Europe, do we all have the same vision of these changes? How can we grasp the major trends that are changing our work habits? 

For all these reasons, we have decided to hand the mic over to six European HR influencers to discuss and analyse the trends related to the Future of Work. 

Come and listen to the thoughts and advice of HR influencers in our short approx. 30 minutes podcasts (*).

What we are talking about:

Episode 1 - "Personalization and work life synergy" with Tom Haak hosted by Rémi Malenfant (Available in English with subtitles on 2nd February at 2:00pm CET)

Episode 2 - "Diving into the Future of Work" with Samuel Durand hosted by Rémi Malenfant (Available in French with english subtitles)

Episode 3 - "Humans and technology in organizations" with Sabine Kluge hosted by Michael Jetten (Available in German with english subtitles)

Episode 4 - "How can companies become more ethical?" with Perry Timms hosted by Rémi Malenfant (Available in English)

Episode 5 - "New generation companies: from buzzword to practice" with Luc Bretones hosted by Rémi Malenfant (Available in French with english subtitles)

Episode 6 - "Reimagining the workplace in 2021" with Barry Flack hosted by Rémi Malenfant (Available in English)

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(*) All the podcasts are also available as MP4 (video) and subtitled.


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