Manage the Return to the Office (RTO) process with UKG People Assist

Build your own RTO process that is tailored to your needs and flexible enough to adapt to any new regulations.

As Covid-related rules change frequently, HR teams need solutions that can adapt quickly with a high level of flexibility.

  • UKG HR Service Delivery makes it simple for HR to support and automate any people process or company regulation.
  • With UKG People Assist, it’s easy to create new forms and workflows in a couple of minutes so that you can keep up with the pace of change.  

See how you easily put in place a process that works for you and your employees in this demo.

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How to manage your RTO process with UKG People Assist? 

As the health situation is evolving, many organisations are struggling to find the best way to allow their employees to return safely to the office:

  • In many cases, employees must declare that they are fit for work or must get approval before they can go to the offices.
  • In some industries, it is required by law to provide information about their vaccination status.  

Based on many discussions with our customer community at UKG, we wanted to show you how you could set up an RTO process within UKG People Assist.  

How is your use case? What are your individual challenges? Let's find your perfect solution together. Contact us for a tailored live demo or a meeting.  

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