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How to build a reliable HR Service Delivery business case in a few steps

Most HR professionals know that HR technology is a key enabler for the required HR transformation but to quantify the impact a solution like PeopleDoc could have on their specific HR setup is a key challenge.

PeopleDoc has developed a collaborative approach to reach a clear view on your current HR setup as well as the value creation potential with PeopleDoc -  without spending a lot of time and money on time-clocking activities or due diligence projects. 

In this webinar-on-demand, Michael Jetten, Director Value Engineering at PeopleDoc, explains how to build a reliable and deliverable business case for your specific HR project. This presentation is held in English.

Our webinar covers:

  • Overview about common HR digitization challenges
  • Practical insight to reach your individual business case in a few easy steps
  • A process walk-through with an illustrative case example
  • A peak into how PeopleDoc customers have successfully achieved their ROI



Learn more in this webinar-on-demand with Michael Jetten, Director Value Engineering at PeopleDoc. 


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PeopleDoc by Ultimate Software zet de medewerkers op de eerste plaats. Met de SaaS oplossingen van PeopleDoc kunnen bedrijven hun employee experience verbeteren, de flexibiliteit van hun HR vergroten en HR compliance vereenvoudigen. Sinds 2018 maakt PeopleDoc deel uit van Ultimate Software, een marktleider op het gebied van Human Capital Management oplossingen volledig in de cloud. Ultimate Software helpt op dit moment 6.600 klanten.